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Kent Men's Convention


On Saturday 6th March 2021 we held a digital mixture of live sessions, pre-recorded interviews and testimonies from 09:30 - 12:00 to encourage you and share with others...


Hello! Whether it's getting through lockdown, getting through a difficult conversation, or getting through the week, this virtual event will unpack what it means to walk shoulder to shoulder with Christ during uncertain times.


One year on from the first Kent Men's Convention and what a year it's been! Who knew we would manage to squeeze our 2020 event in just before the pandemic led to lockdown?


For 2021, despite being unable to gather physically in the same room, we are excited  to offer a free virtual event, which we hope will mirror the core aims of the conference, and bring encouragement during what has been a turbulent  time for all.


We will catch up with last year's speaker, Gavin Peacock; and we have collected some inspiring testimonies from men discussing their experience of walking with God and sharing their faith during lockdown. We also hope to have a live Q&A panel and live music, plus we are looking towards 2022 with guest speaker Rob Pickering (Selhurst Evangelical Church, Croydon) who will introduce the topic we had planned, and encourage us to walk closely with God whatever we are 'getting through'. 

We pray that, despite being unable to gather in the same room, you will be built up, inspired and nourished in your Christian faith as we gather together online. 

2021 has become less about a return to normal and more about getting our heads down and getting on through. But as Christians we can do more than that. We have a hope beyond this life; a High Priest, Brother and Friend is with us always, and a power at work within us. So how can we not just get through this time but grow in our knowledge, love and likeness of Christ? That is the focus of our 2021 Kent Men's Convention. We hope you will join us as we seek to encourage one another not just to get through this time but to grow in it with Christ!

Ollie Land - KMC chair

I have really struggled in this pandemic, and I am sure you have too. Trying to work, struggling to rest, coping with a Molotov cocktail of emotions.. it all takes its toll. I can't wait to get together with other men in Kent for some refreshment and inspiration.

Richard Hagan - KGP Steering Group Chair

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