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Book and Eyeglasses


As part of the South-East Gospel Partnership, Kent Gospel Partnership exists to glorify God through growing gospel ministry in Kent and contending for Biblical Christianity.


We are committed to growing gospel ministry by:

  • Strengthening existing local churches as we renew our gospel vision and Biblical foundations

  • Training members of existing congregations for a wide range of gospel ministries in the local church

  • Encouraging suitable gifted men and women to consider going into full time gospel ministry

  • Promoting schemes for ministry trainees (apprentices)

  • Starting congregations in areas where gospel ministry is weak or non-existent


We are committed to contending for Biblical reformed Christianity in our various denominations by:

  • SUPPLYING information and assistance related to issues within our denominations/federations

  • ARRANGING regular opportunities for Church leaders to meet for mutual support, encouragement, prayer, and ongoing ministry training

  • SUPPORTING like minded partnerships in the UK

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